Way Of Winter Jewelry Coming

Winter has fallen on the front porch steps and we gradually put layers of warm clothes on us. However, let us not because of that thick layer of clothing but put our beloved jewelry box in the corner of the room. If you are having trouble coordinating your jewelry in the winter, we are here to “rescue” you. Here’s how the French muses mix their winter favorites.

1. More Heavy The Better

If wearing big jewelry or combining different types of bracelets in summer can be very hot and entangling, don’t worry, winter has come to help you. Taking out the big, colored rings you keep in the corner of the box and blending them with a simple sweater or even a black thermos is a great choice.

2. Surprise

Take your time! Don’t put away your favorite jewelry just because the temperature has dropped. Instead, wear large bracelets, bracelets, and necklaces on top of your clothes. You will be very surprised how such a small change can change a garment.

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3. Be Smarter When Choosing Ear Earrings

It would not be surprising if earrings are the most forgotten jewelry in this weather because they are easy to get caught in woolen towels, turtlenecks as well as coats. So let the long earrings swing back and forth and put on pairs of pretty beads, buds or small bracelets.


4. Diamonds and Pearls

These are two types of jewelry that can “defy” all holidays and weather.Don’t hesitate because a little sparkle of elegance will brighten your wardrobe this cold season. A little note is that when mixing, choose dark, deep colors to highlight your strength.Do not choose bright and warm colors because they will only remind people of spring and summer stop it.


5. The Leather Watch

Surely you are no stranger to the cold feeling that metal watches bring when this winter comes, right. So if the watch is an indispensable accessory for you, then immediately change to the watch strap made from leather or fabric.