Are 10K gold earrings good? Wear has dull color?

Features of 10k gold earrings

Because it contains nearly 60% alloy, the most outstanding feature of 10k gold earrings is its high durability. This gold material is usually harder than other gold materials. Therefore, in the jewelry industry, jewelers can more easily style and attach accessories.

The second feature of 10k gold jewelry is that it can easily tarnish. This feature is also understandable because the color of 10k gold is usually lighter than other types of gold. Jewelers often add gold or white color to their jewelry for a more beautiful look. Besides, when left in the air for a long time, 10k gold earrings are easily oxidized.blank

Are 10k gold earrings tarnished?

For customers who like fashion and modern look, this gold earrings are definitely the first choice.

Currently, jewelers know how to use the technology to prevent oxidation in . Thus, 10k gold earrings are minimized from dullness. The “longevity” of gold is therefore also increased.

Thus, 10k gold earrings are jewelry that does not have a high percentage of pure gold in return, earrings made from this gold material offer high durability and aesthetics. The disadvantages of 10k gold jewelry have been overcome thanks to technology.


Advantages of 10k gold compared to other gold materials

The first advantage of 10k gold is that its price is lower than 14k, 18k, and 24k gold. So 10k gold earrings are suitable for many people’s budgets.

The second advantage is that it is easy to work with. As mentioned above, jewelry made from 10k gold often has a variety of designs because jewelers can easily attach gems, pearls … to increase the aesthetics and value of the jewelry.

The third advantage is high durability. 10k gold earrings contain about 60% alloy. Therefore, it has hard properties, 10k gold earrings are less damaged and distorted when affected by external forces.

The final advantage of these gold jewelry is its eye-catching designs. On the surface, 10k gold earrings with a smooth and shiny look are very attractive. Wearing jewelry made from this gold material, women can easily create their own charm.