Father’s Day and All You Need To Know

Father is the one who protects, inspires, and teaches us a lot of useful things about this world. He always has his way to love us. That is why we have a special day to honor fathers and all he has done for us. But, do you know everything about Father’s Day?

The Origin of Father’s Day

Father’s Day and All You Need To Know

Father’s Importance

As you can see, we have many holidays acknowledging family members, including Grandparents’ Day, Mother’s Day, Siblings Day, etc… Mother’s Day, which was considered an official celebration in 1908, is the premise for a day of the father.

Though it also a special occasion, Father’s Day once did not welcome as that of Mother’s Day. There are many explanations for this. Many claimed that this holiday was established for commercial purposes. Some said that fathers didn’t like this day because they had to pay for their own presents.

Father’s Day is only accepted on June 19, 1910, 58 years after Mother’s Day, when Washington State considered this as a statewide day. This celebration was then held in other neighboring areas.

In 1916, Father’s Day in Washington, D.C was celebrated by using telegraph signals. 8 years after that, in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge also requested state governments to honor the day of fathers.

Nowadays, this holiday occurs on the third Sunday of June in the United States. Father’s Day in 2021 will be observed on Sunday, June 20. Additionally, people also celebrate Father’s Day on various days in different countries in this world. Unlike in the U.S, Father’s Day is St. Joseph’s Day in Europe and Latin America. It is often held on March 19.

The Role of Father’s Day

Father’s Day plays a crucial role in acknowledging the contribution of fathers to their own families as well as to society. For each of us, it is the perfect time to strengthen fatherhood and paternal bonds. The day is a chance to recognize the importance of the most special man in our life.

Besides valuing Father’s Day, this is also an excellent occasion for children to show their gratitude and love for their beloved fathers.

What to give on Father’s Day?

Father’s Day and All You Need To Know 2

Father’s Day Gifts

 Since Father’s Day is just about to come, we all want to give the best present for dad, right? Here are our 5 unique gift ideas for Father’s Day for you. Check out now!

Bottle Openers

95% of men on this planet love beer. Your dad may not an exception. Therefore, why don’t you give him a convenient Bottle Opener on this Father’s Day?

Personalized Family Mugs

This can be a perfect gift for your father and your whole family members. You can easily customize a full collection of mugs from color to shape and size.

Leather crafts

What could be better than leather items for dad? They are simple, trendy, durable, and even waterproof. Warm your father’s heart by sending him a cool leather bag or wallet on this day.


Garment product is also a good choice for your dad. There are many kinds of clothes in the market, from long sleeves- shirts, sweaters to pants, jeans, trousers …

3D Pop Up Cards

A greeting pop up card is what you need to give with your presents. You can use it to convey your heartfelt sentiments to your father on this holiday.

Apart from this, there are thousands of other choices for consideration. However, no matter what you choose to give your dad, we believe that he will appreciate it with all his heart. Wish you and your father a meaningful Father’s Day.