5 Steps to Make Your Girl Love You More on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and what are you up to for the love of your life? You want to impress her and bring her a lot of unforgettable moments, right? But, do you know how to do it? Don’t worry if you don’t because we get your back. Just follow our 5 steps to make your girl love you more on Valentine’s Day below. 

  1. Make a list of what she likes most

5 Steps to Make Your Girl Love You More on Valentine's Day

What she loves most

The very first step you need for your plan is to find out what will make her scream out and jump out of the ground because of happiness. This seems a tricky task for any boy since one girl can love a thousand things.

However, we doubt that your girl will give you some clues a week or maybe a month before Valentine’s Day. So, all you need to do is staying with her as long as you can and listening to everything she said. Then, you should write down all her “hints” or anything else you could remember to make this plan work.

Plus, another ”key to success” for you is her best friends. They are the ones who understand your girlfriend more than her parents. Just ask for their help with a sincere attitude. They will definitely share what you need and help you with all they have.

  1. Prepare for your Valentine’s Day plan

5 Steps to Make Your Girl Love You More on Valentine's Day 2

Perfect Valentine’s Day

You never want some unexpected things to happen and ruin your Valentine’s Day, right? After you collect all the necessary information, make a specific plan for it. The more detailed your plan is, the higher the rate of success will be.

Your lover dreams of a romantic night on the beach, for instance. If you don’t make a reservation in advance from 2 weeks to a month, there won’t be any room left for you two. Then, both you and your sweetheart will not feel happy about this.

Besides, make sure to adjust everything to fit your budget. Don’t take it too far by burning all your money on a luxurious trip. And then, you can’t afford anything till the end of that month. Use your money wisely and save it for the next plan. You still can make your girl smile with simple but warmhearted things.

  1. Impress her with a dance

5 Steps to Make Your Girl Love You More on Valentine's Day 3

Dancing with her

Do you that 90% of fairy tales has a scene of a princess dancing with her prince? And that has also been the dream of thousands of girls in this world since they were little girls. Your girlfriend may not be an exception. In other words, a dance will make your Valentine’s night more fantastic.

Imagine that you and your honey hands in hands dancing through the night in the sweet melody. You two look at each other passionately. Then, she gently leans on your shoulder and says how much she happy about this night. After that, the dance ended with a sweet kiss between you and her. What could be more romantic than that?

If you are not a good dancer or you can’t dance, join some dancing courses. It will bring more benefits than you think. Not only can you use it for this Valentine’s Day, but it also a great platform for your wedding dance or other important occasions.

  1. Remember to give her your special gift

5 Steps to Make Your Girl Love You More on Valentine's Day 4

Your special gift

The dance is great but it is not enough. You still need something else to make your night more meaningful. In this case, a special present for her can help. You don’t have to buy expensive things to please her. Girls often love something small but coming from your heart.

Now, it is time for you to use ”the hints” that we have mentioned above. For example, give your lover a new line of lipstick that she always wanted. Take her on an exciting journey to some different countries if she loves to discover new lands. Or, you just simply make her a delicious breakfast in bed or bake her some sweet chocolate cookies.

Anyway, you still have another potential source, which is her friends’ support. Make use of it to prepare your perfect Valentine’s Day. Small cares can create big love. Grab this chance and let her know how much you love her.

  1. Tell her your true feelings

5 Steps to Make Your Girl Love You More on Valentine's Day 5

Tell her your love

Finally, just tell her your thoughts. This is really important. Only when you can express your feelings that your partner would know how much you care for her. She deserves it.

Moreover, there are many ways for you to do it. You can make a video to recreate the day you met her, write her a touching love letter, create a craft book with your pictures inside… The ideas for this day are countless. So, be creative and show her your sincere affection.

Additionally, give her a lovely love card with your present. You can use it to convey your heartfelt messages to her. Instead of using the old-fashioned flat cards, send your girl a 3d popup greeting card. With a unique pop up card picture of flowers or cute animals, the card will amaze her when she opens it.


Above are only 5 simple tips for you. There are still many other ways for you to impress the one you love. We believe that once you are willing to do everything for her, she will love you more than you could imagine. Wish you and your girl a happy Valentine’s Day.