Why do people have the habit of buying silver bracelets for children?

Jewelry is not only to beautify adults but also to increase the adorableness of children. According to old conception, they often choose baby jewelry with silver material. Why do people have the habit of buying silver bracelets for children? This article will reveal this question.

The benefits of wearing silver bracelets for babies

Since ancient times, her grandparents were very fond of silver jewelry. Not only aesthetic factors but also silver is considered healthy jewelry; especially for young children. Since then, parents believe that their child’s health will be better when wearing a for their children.

Baby silver bangle

Baby silver bangle

Silver has antibacterial properties

Science has proven that silver has the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Makes them unable to attack the child’s body.

Not only that, but silver also has the ability to destroy bacteria that cause disease in humans. For example, Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (yellow staphylococci) cause stomach infection, E. coli bacteria cause intestinal diseases, urinary tract infections …

Thanks to that, silver has very strong antibiotic properties. Wearing silver jewelry helps children to strengthen their resistance, prevent fungi or bacteria from entering the body.

Silver is capable of eliminating toxins

Also, many studies show that in the process of breaking down skin cells, the body will release toxic gas H2S. The amount of released H2S gas is not much, but if it accumulates, it can cause illness for the baby. When wearing silver jewelry, silver will absorb this toxic gas to make the body healthier.

In addition, silver will tarnish when exposed to H2S and SO2. So, when wearing silver jewelry, if you see the phenomenon of dullness, it is more likely that the child’s environment contains many harmful substances. You should change the living environment for the child for the better or overcome it by cleaning the house, using measures to help filter the air fresher such as planting trees.

Signs identify the health status of the baby

It is found that when children are sick or in an environment with toxic or silver wind, there will be signs of tarnishing, parents can easily recognize them and have a timely response. That’s because silver is a metal that can react with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or sulfur dioxide (SO2) – unhealthy substances that exist in the air.

When a child gets cold fever due to weather changes, the temperature fluctuates erratically. A silver bracelet help the child to shave the wind and make children feel more comfortable and healthy. Because silver has wind-absorbing properties, it absorbs toxins in the body very well. Wearing a silver bracelet for your baby will limit colds in these cases.

Many opinions also suggest that silver absorbs and reacts with the remaining H2S gas in the body, so it can help children be healthier.

What things to keep in mind when buying a silver bracelet for children?

Choose pure silver

Silver is a good metal that is not harmful to human health. However, parents need to be careful. Because there are a lot of silver mixed impurities in the market nowadays, typically lead and cadmium.

Lead poisoning causes the child’s system to be affected, preventing blood cells from working properly. They are the main causes affecting the growth of stature. And cadmium is a toxic substance even in small amounts, causing kidney, bone, and liver diseases. This metal can also cause cancer.

Baby silver bracelet

Baby silver bracelet

Simple design

Many parents place heavy emphasis on aesthetic factors, so always choose products with sophisticated designs combining with many motifs. This inadvertently turns those intricate patterns into the cause of scratches on the child’s skin.

Therefore, the recommended styles are simple, plain design silver bracelet. There are no sharp edges, ensuring baby safety in daily activities as well as not causing unfortunate dangers.

Baby silver bracelet

Baby silver bracelet

Size fits

Should choose a moderate size silver bracelet. Not too wide because it is easy to fall and slip; But also not too tight because it will affect the blood circulation in the child.

Baby silver bracelet

Baby silver bracelet

Watch for adaptation

Parents should observe to see if the baby is adaptable, comfortable, or not after wearing the silver bracelet and the product causes any unusual phenomena on the child’s skin or not.

Stop wearing it if you see a silver necklace causes your baby itching or allergy.

Baby silver bracelet

Baby silver bracelet

Clean regularly

With a good habit of putting things on the mouth to suck. Parents should clean jewelry products on the baby’s body. Because any object can be dusty due to the environment and baby’s sweat.

So the regular cleaning of silver bracelet for children is very important, ensuring the antibacterial properties of silver.

Some simple and effective silver cleaning methods that many people apply are as follows:

– Use lemon, soap to rub.

– Soak in rice water, a specialized silver cleaning solution …

– Mom can boil the lemon mixture, salt, let the baby’s silver bracelet soak, then take it out and use a dry towel to clean again.

The above article has partly helped you to better understand the reasons why people have the habit of letting babies wear silver bracelets. Hopefully, the article will help you update more useful information in choosing the right silver bracelet for your baby. 

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