What to do during the Quarantine?

It is not easy to stay at home in quarantine, especially for this long, and for an extrovert like you. If you want to stop these boring days, we can help you. Below are some fascinating ideas for you to do in this pandemic period.

What to do during the Quarantine?

What to do during the Quarantine

Give Teddy Bear Pop Up Encouragement Card

We will need plenty of words of encouragement and supports during the Coronavirus Quarantine. That is why you should give others Teddy Bear Pop Up Encouragement Cards.

This is a lovely 3d card with a simulation of a cute teddy bear holding a big heart of ”Get Well Soon”. Besides that, there are also some blank spaces inside the card for you to write your positive messages.

You can give it to your loved ones as well as patients, doctors. They are trying their best to fight against this pandemic.

Start Quarantine diary

Writing a diary about Quarantine is highly recommended. It will be a good way for you to express your thoughts and reduce stress and anxiety about the coronavirus.

Learn a new language

Now, you can invest your time and level up your skills by learning a foreign language. Some apps like Duolingo and Cake can help a lot.

Maintain Social Ties

Since we can have face to face conversations in this period, the social network is a helpful method for you to be in touch with your besties.

Try to play an instrument

Practicing an instrument is also not a bad idea at all. Let the music save your soul and help you get through these tough days.