Star Mom Necklace with Eternity Ring



Mô tả

Our eternity circle pendant and star charm come together to create a modern and playful mother and children necklace that could be personalized with longer phrases front and back. For the large eternity charm, choose a personal message or quote or all of your family names. For the star charm, choose a name or date, or playful nickname on the star to make a meaningful personalized mother necklace! Mix and match your finishing colors for a modern custom mom necklace with a lot of movement.

Personalization Instructions:

– By default, the eternity circle charm will come in silver with black engravings. Select finishing color for the star charm and chain. However, if you want the eternity charm to come in a different color, simply leave your preference in the instructions and requests box.

– Words limits: 1-2 words/side for the star charm, and 11-12 words/side for the eternity circle charm.

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