Slim Adjustable Fingerprint Ring


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Slim Adjustable Fingerprint Ring Unisex

The open slim ring is a great choice if you are not sure about the recipient’s ring size. With engraved thumprint, you could remind them of their beloved ones. This fingerprint ring can be made with just a photo of the inkprint – no fingerprint kit is required – so you could easily have it at home yourself.

Personalization Instructions:

– If you do not know how to take fingerprint, let’s refer  How to take fingerprint

– The fingerprint image you upload may be scaled and shifted minimally to best fit the piece. If you have trouble uploading your picture, please email us at [email protected]

– You could add a short message on the back with the default font. Word limits: 4-5 words.

>> Ring Size Guide

>> How to take fingerprint

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