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Send someone love with this trendy sideway heart handwriting necklace made with actual handwriting. Perfect for holding a loved one’s short phrase such as “Love you always”, this personalized handwriting necklace makes for beautiful and personal gift for any occasion from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. Customize with your own handwriting or just snap a picture of a handwritten card or note!

Personalization Instructions:

– We will be able to work with an image of anything you have, even an old card or letter. If you have trouble uploading your picture, please email it to [email protected]

– The pendant is engravable on either side, or both. Word limits: 5-6 words/side.

– If you want to extract just a few words from a long message, make a note to us under “Instructions and requests”.

– Handwriting in any other languages (Arabic, Chinese etc.) can also be done.

>> Necklace length guide

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