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Adorned with the stone of your birth month, this date ring is personalized with your special date in roman numerals. Just give us the birthday and we will convert it to roman numbers for you. It also makes great gift for couples and mothers to remember anniversary date or a child’s birthday,

Personalization Instructions

Your choice of birthstones is available as follow:
– January: red zirconia
– February: violet zirconia
– March: light blue zirconia
– April: transparent zirconia
– May: dark green zirconia
– June: light violet zirconia
– July: red zirconia
– August: light green zirconia
– September: dark blue zirconia
– October: rose zirconia
– November: yellow zirconia
– December: blue zirconia

Enter your birthday/special date in and we will convert them to roman numberals I, V, X, L, C, D, and M.

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