5 tips to wear silver earrings correctly and scientifically

Silver jewelry brings aesthetic beauty to the wearer. However, wearing earrings also need to be worn properly and learned to avoid causing allergies or other dangerous complications. We want to share with readers the following notes when wearing silver earrings

How to wear earrings correctly and scientifically

How to wear earrings correctly and scientifically

How to wear Earrings correctly and scientifically.

Earrings are one of the jewelry accessories that have long been loved by many women. A pair of lovely small earrings will help women gain confidence and shine in everyone’s eyes.

1. Find a secure ear punching place 

Ear-pressing requires very high care, especially in the ear cartilage area. Therefore, in order to avoid dangerous complications and infectious diseases when wearing earrings, you need to choose guaranteed facilities, absolutely avoid self-piercing or asking friends to pierce.

2. Choose the material and design of the earrings 

When choosing earrings, the first factor you should pay attention to is the material. Currently, on the market, there are many beautiful earring models that are sold at a very cheap price but do not guarantee the quality, earrings containing many ingredients will easily cause skin allergies and more serious diseases dangerous to health such as bones, liver, … and cancer.

Therefore, when choosing to wear earrings, it is best to choose earrings made from silver, gold will not cause allergies, if any, it is also very less.

3. How to wear earrings properly

Before wearing earrings, you need to clean your ears by wiping your ears with alcohol, let them dry, and then wearing them. In addition, you can also apply an extra layer of antibiotic ointment to avoid friction between the ears and cause scratches, making it easier to wear the earrings, while helping to protect the skin at the ear from the dangerous effects.

4. Do not wear earrings 24 / 24h

You need to limit the time to wear earrings, avoid wearing them often, especially when you sweat a lot. This is because sweat can interfere with some of the ingredients in the earrings, irritating and dangerous for our skin and ears.

In particular, be careful not to wear earrings overnight. It will not interfere with sleep, but can also have a negative effect on your health!

5. Regularly clean the area of wearing the earrings

The ear-worn area is often very susceptible to damage and infection, so we need regular hygiene and care, especially after swimming or hard training exercises. You need to wash your hands first, and then clean the ear area with soap or saltwater.