The way to check the fake or real Adidas Stan Smith shoes is actually not difficult, we can check most of the adidas shoes not only the smith stan line, but also can be applied to most adidas original models with only 3 directions. the main law, you can refer together!

With the development of the current market economy, it must be admitted that when an item becomes famous and beloved, it will not be long before there will be the appearance of a delicacy of plagiarism. en, simply called fake goods. Stan Smith sneakers are no exception to that rule. Although the price is cheaper than genuine products, counterfeit products are often not durable and inferior to quality. However, there are still many stores that deceive customers, on the one hand saying that their products are real goods, on the other hand, they sell fake products to customers to take advantage of customers’ ignorance.

To help customers avoid buying the wrong quality products, TuloShop will help you distinguish between fake and real Adidas Stan Smith shoes according to the following 3 methods:

  • Distinguish based on product details
  • Distinguish real and fake based on stamps
  • Distinguish based on information, price

Distinguish Adidas Stan Smith shoes based on product details

Shoe box

In some fake Stan Smith Type 2 products, it is easy to see a big difference compared to the real product when checking the information printed on the box, especially size, barcode, production information, … of counterfeit goods are often printed on the opposite side of the genuine product’s box. However, this information on the Stan Smith fake type 1 and Stan Smith replica (rep 11, super fake) is often identical to the genuine box. If there is a discrepancy it is usually very small such as font, numeric font printed on the box.

Adidas Stan Smith genuine standard shoe box

Adidas Stan Smith genuine standard shoe box

Shoe wrapping paper

The packaging paper of genuine and fake goods is clearly different. Here, we can clearly see that real packaging paper is always thick matte paper, while fake goods are only thin glossy paper with two separate paper sides, one smooth side and poor grain quality. and extremely easy to tear.

Genuine Stan Smith Shoe Wrapping Paper

Genuine Stan Smith Shoe Wrapping Paper

Shoe material

Shoe material is a remarkable feature in the process of distinguishing fake Stan Smith shoes from Stan Smith real shoes. Genuine shoes can often be pulled out easily to see the type of textile inside the shoe, while fake shoes are often difficult or impossible to remove because they are firmly attached to the inside to prevent poor material from being exposed. quality for buyers to see. Moreover, if it can be pulled out, it is also far from genuine products, so buyers need to pay special attention to this feature.

In addition, the leather of real shoes will have a certain crease and elasticity, so when pressed, you will see wrinkles and they will disappear when your hands lift off the shoes. Stan Smith super fake shoes often have stiffer leather, so they do not have this feature.

Genuine Stan Smith Shoe Wrapping Paper

Genuine Stan Smith Shoe Wrapping Paper

Shoe lining

On some fake Stan Smith sneakers, you can easily notice the roughness and deviation when you pull out the insole that looks like a manufacturing error. In addition, the jagged mark on the rim is also especially noticeable on fake shoes. In addition, the branded alphabetical details of the genuine shoe are always printed with high-quality technology, it is very difficult to rub it off or fade, but on fake goods, the Adidas brand part is The sole printed on the sole of the sole is extremely easy to peel off even with a very slight rub.

In addition, the shoe lining of the genuine Stan Smith shoes will be much thicker than the fake pair, even twice as thick. The back part of the real shoe is covered with cotton and fake shoes will not have this.

stan-smith-pride (1)

stan-smith-pride (1)

shoe soles

Due to the higher quality of the rubber on the soles than the fake soles, genuine Stan Smith shoes always have a smooth and more harmonious pattern. A closer comparison, you can see that the logo and brand printed on the sole of the genuine product always looks much sharper and sharper than the fake product. Due to the use of poor quality rubber in the manufacturing and processing process, the logo on the fake shoe will be faint, and the depth and depth are not enough. Moreover, in some fake Stan Smith Type 2 or Stan Smith Rep shoes, the Adidas logo will be printed with variations and misalignment like Aoidas or Aiddas.

stan-smith (1)

stan-smith (1)


Genuine goods always have a square, round and compact heel, perfectly proportioned, while fake goods will often be distorted, rafted or deviated completely to the side if they are fake type 2 products looks bad and if put next to the genuine product, you can easily notice the difference a nine and ten.

In addition to the heel shape, another feature that helps distinguish the real and fake Stan Smith shoes is the stitching part. Genuine sewing thread is revealed regularly and balanced while fake products will be short and long or hidden completely.

stan-smith (2)

stan-smith (2)

The tongue of the shoe

The tongue, especially the logo printed on the reed, is one of the distinctive features of fake products compared to genuine products.

First, the printed frame of the label will be shorter than that of a fake product. Second, the R in the circle (which stands for Registered Trademark: Registered Trademark) on the Adidas brand will be in the same proportion as the other branded places such as the rubber on the sole. shoe insoles, shoe heels, … while fake products, it will be deviated and completely different in proportion to genuine products. Third, the word “STAN SMITH” printed on the label of the genuine product will look natural, the bar is thinner while the fake product has much thicker text. And finally, the brand logo on the reed of the genuine product is embossed while the fake product is just printed directly on with no embossing effect.



Distinguish fake Adidas Stan Smith shoes based on stamps

When checking the stamp printed on Adidas Stan Smith products, you need to pay attention to features such as boldness, thin stroke thickness, distance between letters. Fake products often have irregularly bold bold letters, the space between the letters is not balanced, but they are close together or printed out of line.

adidas-stan-smith-fake-real (1)

adidas-stan-smith-fake-real (1)

In addition, you also need to pay attention to some points such as:


As you know adidas is a sports shoe brand from Germany but you will not be able to find a shoe with the words “MADE IN GERMANY” because the entire production process of adidas shoes never takes place in Germany. . For the purpose of cost saving, this production has been transferred to abroad mainly in some countries Turkey, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia so do not be surprised if the Stan Smith shoes. if you wear the label “MADE IN VIETNAM” or “MADE IN CHINA”, if it is “MADE IN GERMY”, those shoes are definitely fake.

Shoe size section

The FR on the stamps of genuine adidas shoes will have the tail of the letter R with a slight curl, while the fake R is a cross down. One more point is in the number of sizes are bold and stand out in the genuine stamp.

Product code line

On previous genuine shoe stamps, the word ART would be higher than the number immediately following, but on the new shoe this point has been removed, both the number and the word ART are printed on the same level. So where to distinguish? The answer lies in the line of code that includes both numbers and letters at the end of the stamp – the component code. Part numbers in this code will be printed a little lower than the text, fake stamps, ignore this detail.

Ingredient code

Adidas specifies that each component of the product will have a different code, so a genuine adidas shoe will have a different code on the left and right side. If you see the code on the two Stan Smith Adidas shoes being completely identical, the shoes are definitely fake

Distinguish fake Adidas Stan Smith shoes based on price

The manufacturers and distributors of fake shoes are always looking for reasons to sell shoes at a lower price than the actual price but still make consumers believe they are buying the real product and have no idea that the actual price of the Stan Smith shoes is. fake, how much is this rep. So, if you suddenly see an Adidas shoe with a ‘too good’ price on the internet or on the street, you should be more cautious because it is likely just a seller’s trick.

Ideally, buyers should thoroughly research through reliable sources before withdrawing their wallet to avoid being ‘cut off’ with counterfeit products, floating on the market. The best way is to go to genuine adidas shoe stores. Here the shops guarantee you on their credibility, so you can ask the staff to check for stamps and product codes.

Below is a reference price list by quality of Stan Smith Fake shoes:

Stan Smith Fake shoe price
Stan Smith F1 Stan Smith SF Stan Smith Rep 1 1
200.000 – 300.000 VNĐ 600.000 – 700.000 VNĐ 950.000-1.200.000 VNĐ

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