3 It Bag models – high-class leather bags make her stride more confidently

Owning It Bag is the dream of many girls. To be classified in the It Bag collection, bags must have a distinctive design of the brand “look to know” and show class and luxury. Luxury leather bags with the following 3 models in the top It Bag will help her be more confident than ever.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

For the believer of handbag fashion, this brand name is certainly too familiar and in her wardrobe it is also difficult to ignore this design. Becoming windy for a long time with the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bags, the luxury leather bag of this brand has knocked many women down by its simple but impressive design. The size of the bag varies with the same design, but women can choose to wear the same outfit or for different purposes and places. This transformation easily adapts to the destination and is not afraid of being outdated. Therefore, the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour high-end leather bag is sought after. A copy of the bag also makes you more luxurious.

The legendary bag of Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

The legendary bag of Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

But the real bag of Saint Laurent Sac De Jour offers a sturdy form, an outstanding brand name that creates an accent on the surface of the leather bag. The bag, whether big or small, makes others unable to be attracted.

Beautiful baby Jacquemus

Recently, the tiny Jacquemus bag has become the star of the stars. Saying that because this tiny bag seems to only fit a mini lipstick, female stars are quite eager to look forward to it. This high-end leather bag is small but has great value. They make a wave of fashion with a variety of colors, sizes in the form of mini bags, super mini. Jacquemus is attracted by the petite and lovely on the red carpet and the girls also love to choose the street. Indeed small but with a shell, that beautiful little bag helps her look feminine, younger and easier to coordinate with many different outfits.

Louis vuitton

It Bag model attracts every girl

It Bag model attracts every girl

Referring to LV is a renewed passion for brands, It bag of this brand is a saddle bag. The first eye-catching comes from the Vuitton inscription on the color above, followed by the logo that highlights the very bold brand of LV. It is difficult for them to resist this personality bag model because they have many bright colors, even though they are strong personality shapes, they still show femininity and difference. Therefore, it occupies the hearts of our girls.

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